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Have you ever needed to move before? If so, you probably had to use a lot of boxes to pack all of your stuff up. But, did you know that here are many types of boxes available? There are boxes created for all sorts of packing. You might only think of the general type boxes that may come in a few different sizes but they are generic in that they are just plain cardboard boxes that can fit mostly anything. Instead of just using generic boxes, maybe you should think about all the other types of boxes that are available these days. You no longer have to just pack clothes into a box or have dishes and glasses broken. Let us now go over a few different types of boxes that are available here at Maximum Movers.

One type of box that Maximum Movers loves using is the stand up wardrobe box. This may sound strange to you, but once you use one you will never go back to regular boxes again. These boxes come equipped with a bar on the top so that you can hang up clothing or drapes. Now you should remember that these boxes are not made for just any storage. The bottom of the box is not really designed to hold things. This box should really only be used for hanging up clothes. These are great because your nice clean clothes will stay that way rather than coming out all wrinkled.

Another great type of box available at Maximum Movers is the dish box. These boxes come with small inserts so that you can create different size cells. This allows you to pack glasses and dishes in their own cells so that they do not cling together and end up cracking or breaking. These boxes are also great if you have a lot of little knick knacks. These will also fit nicely into different cells so that things do not break.

The last great box we want to touch on is the mirror box. These boxes are flat and have extra padding built into the inside of the box. These boxes are especially made for wall pictures or mirrors. You will no longer have to worry about the glass breaking or the picture being ruined in the move. These boxes will protect the picture or mirror from all outside things while giving some extra protection with the padding inserts.

As you can see, there are many different types of boxes available to you when residential moving. If you are looking for a mover or packing materials, look no further than Maximum Movers. We are always here to help you. Our customer service representatives are also available to assist you in finding the perfect boxes for your move.