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My name is Brittany Smith and I recently got a new job. The only bad part at the time was that it is in New York City. See, this sounds great, except for the fact that I lived in Phoenix, AZ. Accepting this job meant that I had to move all the way across country. I was so excited to start my new life in New York City since it is much different from Phoenix, but there were so many things I had to do before I left. All of these things started to stress me out instantly.

First off, I had to find a new place to live. I decided to go out to New York for a weekend in hopes that I would find a place. I went to all different apartment buildings in and around my new office. Sadly, there was nothing very close. Thankfully my helpful realtor reminded me that New York has a great subway system. After I realized that I could get to my office just by taking the subway I could broaden my search. Lucky for me, I found a great studio apartment in a fantastic building that happens to have a subway station only two blocks away.

The biggest thing I had to deal with was figuring out how I was going to get all of my stuff from Arizona to New York. I had a lot of stuff and really did not want to have to move it myself. I decided to do a search online for moving companies. My parents helped me by looking up reviews for all different companies in my area. Finally, I found the perfect company, Maximum Movers. They were everything I needed. First off, they were so nice and helpful on the phone. It seemed like they really wanted to help me. Once I made my reservation for the mover, I decided to have them send me some packing materials as well. I did not have to go anywhere else. They had all the packing materials I would need to pack up my entire apartment. Besides being friendly on the phone and providing me with packing materials, they were so nice when they came to move my things. I instantly felt comfortable with them.

I flew out to New York the next day. Of course, my things would not arrive for a few more days since they had to drive it all the way out there. After a few days, Maximum Movers were at my door unloading all of my belongings. Everything survived the trip and nothing was broken or cracked. I am so glad I found Maximum Movers. If I ever need to move again, I will absolutely use them. I could not ask for a smoother move at such a momentous time in my life.